Why Conduct Surveys?

Knowledge is indeed power—the power to change, improve and serve your congregants, students, community and employees, and fulfill your mission more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Your church and its leaders need to know the answers to a host of questions to identify areas of need, plan, allocate resources and maximize the benefits of your efforts to serve your audiences and spread the word of Christ.  What spiritual, social and other needs do congregants seek to fulfill by attending your church?  What training do they want for their children and are you meeting their needs? Which outreach programs are succeeding or falling short of your goals, and why? What are the best ways to identify and reach out to the “unchurched?” How can you attract new members or bring back former members who now attend other churches?

Surveys are an important tool for assessing a wide range of issues and obtaining meaningful, actionable feedback.  Using surveys designed for specific groups and topics, your church can gather data that you can use to identify your successes or shortcomings and improve upon them.  You can plan outreach activities, set Sunday school curriculum, establish policies, identify fundraising opportunities, and measure the effectiveness of your leadership along with virtually any area of operation essential to your success. 

You can utilize many types of surveys to reach out to important audiences and gather feedback. 

Click on sample surveys to take a look at a variety of templates you can use to design a survey that meets your feedback requirements.

Click on case history to read about the ways churches use surveys as an integrated measurement, evaluation and improvement tool.



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