Type of Church Surveys
Surveys provide a feedback mechanism that helps you gather virtually any type of information.  Utilizing either paper surveys or administering them online supports data-driven decision making based on real-time information, providing a foundation for improvement efforts by identifying issues and drivers that matter most to your key audiences. 

The types of surveys you can design and publish include:

  • Satisfaction Surveys that measure church members’ and parents’ perceptions of how well you are meeting their spiritual, educational and social needs, and help identify areas for new initiatives or improvement efforts. 
  • Spiritual Inventories or Assessments that help congregants and leaders take a spiritual “inventory” to zero in on strengths and weaknesses, identify aptitudes and help congregants and clergy map out programs to encourage spiritual growth.
  • Student Engagement Surveys that examine how students perceive your religious school, classes, faculty and administrators, and other factors that help them truly “engage” with your school and the church.
  • Exit Surveys that query former congregants on their reasons for leaving, and provide input to help retain current members and attract news ones.

Click on sample surveys to take a look at a variety of templates you can use to design a survey that meets your feedback requirements.

Click on case history to read about the ways churches use surveys as an integrated measurement, evaluation and improvement tool.

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